Apple TV with 4K resolution: WatchOS 5 is now available for pre-order

Apple TV is getting a refresh with the addition of 4K resolutions for the first time in the platform’s history.

WatchOS, released earlier this year, introduced the new “Apple TV” interface to allow users to watch 4K content on the TV.

Watch OS 5 now supports 4K video on Apple TV 4K, making it possible for users to enjoy more of their favourite shows and movies with the latest hardware.

The new 4K Apple TV interface also allows users to access a wider range of content from their Apple TV, such as music, apps and games.

In addition, Apple TV now supports the new Apple TV app, which allows users who already have a 4K-compatible Apple TV to play 4K videos and apps, as well as access to the “best of TV” curated by Apple.

“This update adds the ability to watch four-inch 4K HD content on your Apple TV through the new 4k Apple TV software,” said Lisa Donoghue, director of product management for Apple TV.

“WatchOS 5 also now supports a wide range of new apps, including the best of TV, like the new AirPlay app and a full range of media streaming services.”

With WatchOS 4.1, the 4K functionality was introduced in the new version of the software that is now the default, and the new interface was also introduced in WatchOS 3.

Watch TV and WatchOS can also now play four-hour shows.

Users will need to enable 4K streaming in their Apple Watch settings.

4K support is available on Apple Watch Series 4 and newer, with WatchOS 2.0 and above.

“We are excited to announce the latest Apple TV hardware,” said Craig Federighi, chief operating officer of Apple.

He continued: “With Apple TV 5, we have added 4K compatibility, and now watch on four- and eight-inch displays.”

Apple TV comes with the following 4K specs:

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