Artist creates stenciled wall posters of Australian War Memorial in response to Australia’s war memorial

A stenciling artist from Canberra has created wall posters in response.

The artworks were created in response for the Australian War Graves Commission’s wall painting stencings.

The commission was formed in 2015 after more than 150 Australian war dead were listed as having been buried at the memorial.

“The commission is now considering whether to make a further effort to remove the wall paintings that have been on display since they were installed,” said Andrew Wilson.

“While the majority of the memorial is still in good condition, the commission is aware that a significant number of the original paintings are in poor condition and in need of major repair.”

Mr Wilson says the stencil designs were meant to be a tribute to those who have died in Australia’s armed conflict, and to remember those who died on the ground.

“We have a history of painting our war memorials in the same colours as the colours that we used to paint our houses, so it’s a very striking idea for us to have a very specific stencil,” he said.

“It’s really an opportunity to do something for the people who have fallen and the families of the people we’ve lost.”

Mr Williams says he has not received any formal support from the Australian Government, but has received some support from friends and family.

“My father, he said he’s happy with it.

He thinks it’s really nice,” Mr Williams said.

The stencil works have already been used to create a stencil of the Australian flag, which has now been placed on the wall of the Sydney War Memorial.

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