Clockmaker says it’s going to make decorative wall clock with no batteries, no battery charger

A clockmaker in the United Kingdom has said it will build a clock without batteries and no charger because its products are so versatile.

The clockmaker, which is in the UK, will make a clock with a simple design with a battery that can charge or de-charge itself, a spokesman for the company said.

The new clockmaker will be built at the firm’s premises in West Sussex, the spokesman said, adding that the clock will have “no batteries or charging ports, so no need to replace them when you are done.”

The company said the clock would be sold in a number of different formats including calendars, calendars of other types, as well as wall clocks and clocks with other accessories.

“We are looking for ways to innovate and innovate to meet customers’ expectations,” the spokesman added.

In February, the clockmaker’s founder, Sir Tim Cook, said he hoped to start making devices in the next three years.

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