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How to watch Darren Waller’s Guitar Wall mount performance at the Garden

Darren Wallers performance at last night’s Garden is one of the best performances in the history of professional guitar playing.In the video above, you’ll see Wallers playing his guitar wall mount, an instrument that has been used by guitar players for thousands of years.You can also see the guitar mounted on a wall, a position […]

Wall of Flesh is a modular, wood plank wall art system

The following is an excerpt from The Wood Pile: The Making of Wood Piles, a book by Andrew J. Johnson and Robert J. Fischl, that details the history and evolution of wood plank walls.Wood plank walls are one of the oldest forms of wall decoration.Early wood plank architecture was built on wood stumps, often placed […]

Tribute to the wall art in the bedroom of Wallen in the Westport, CT neighborhood

Tribute wall art by Wallen (1893-1978) was installed on the wall of his bedroom in Westport in 1974.It’s one of the oldest wall art pieces in Connecticut.Wallen’s wall was designed in the early 1900s by Robert Ladd, who was a member of the West Point Historical Society.Wallenberg, a member the American Institute of Architects, designed […]

The world’s most expensive wall mount is a £1m bike light

The world is set to go full speed ahead with the world’s first “bicycle light” to go up for sale.The first, an electric bike light, is set for auction next month, with a potential asking price of £1.6m.The light is made by the company called Coglar, which has already developed bike lights that can be […]

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