How to build a wall decal for your office?

Here are a few ideas to consider:1.

Create an abstract logo that stands out from the background of the wall or wall decaling.2.

Use a contrasting color scheme.3.

Add some decorative elements to make it stand out.4.

Add decorative elements in the shape of letters, shapes and shapes, symbols, words or any other design.5.

Use the same size of the image on all the wall decors in the room.6.

Make it stand apart from the rest of the office decor.7.

Use an old photo or photo-realistic wall wallpaper to make the walls look more interesting.8.

Use stencils or stencil-like designs to make a different kind of effect.9.

Create some decorative accents in the background.10.

Make a simple wallpaper that you can hang on the wall of your office or home.

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