How to create a wall photo collages in Illustrator with a simple drag and drop tool

How to convert a photo into a collage?

This one seems simple, but it’s actually very complex.

For those of you new to collage creation, you’ll be in for a surprise when we explain how to drag and paste images to a collages file and then resize them into a final image.

To do that, you’re going to need to have Illustrator installed and configured.

If you don’t have it, check out our guide to the basics of Illustrator’s interface for a few simple steps.

Once you’ve got it setup, open up the File menu and choose Edit.

Then you’ll see an option called Edit.

In this menu, you can drag images from one file to another, then resample and rotate them.

If your images have been cropped, they’ll also appear in a new layer on the screen.

If not, simply drag and rotate to change the position of the image.

Next, you need to set the size of the file you want to upload to.

That’s going to depend on the size you want your collage to be.

In our case, we’ll be uploading a 2,000-word piece of text.

We want our collage at the end of the article to be at about 150×150 pixels.

In Illustrator, that means our image should be about 3.5×3.5 pixels wide.

To resize the file, just drag the top-right corner of the original file out, then select the Resize option.

Next you’ll need to adjust the size and position of each image to make sure the final collage is the right size for the text.

If we’re using the original photo as our template, then we want to resize the image to fit in our document.

Select the Collage Size option and make sure that the default size is 150x 150 pixels.

That should do the trick.

Finally, select the Position option, which tells Illustrator that the file should be aligned properly for our text.

That means the image should center vertically and be exactly 16 pixels from the top of the document.

Once we’ve got that set, you should see your image in the top left corner of your document.

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