How to get your $1,000 home appraised on Wynwood Walls

WYNNWOOD WALL PLAZA, Texas (AP) It’s a house that seems to have been left for another owner.

But if you’ve ever walked down its street or stepped into its basement, you’ll recognize its familiar shape and its familiar look: It’s the same white house on the same block.

Now, it’s a new owner.

But if you look at the house now, you can see the old owner.

It’s got the same two-story house on a different block.

And its owner says he hasn’t lived in the home for years.

He says he wanted to build a new home for himself and his two kids but didn’t have the money to pay for it.

He bought the property in 2014 and put a security deposit on it to pay off the mortgage.

But he says he lost his job, which forced him to sell the house and get out of town.

He’s now in a shelter, staying in a motel with other homeless people.

“I’ve lost everything in my life, so it’s really hard,” said Joe Jones, who moved to Wynwoods in 2015 after spending nearly 20 years homeless in Houston.

“The house is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had,” said Jones, 31.

“I’ve got two kids and I’ve lost my wife and I have two grandkids.

I’m homeless and I want to make this home work for them.”

Jones is one of more than a half-dozen people I spoke with who say they are homeless and are looking for housing.

The median household income in Texas is $33,500, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That’s about $1.15 million less than what Jones was paying in his mortgage.

His situation is not unusual.

About 7 million people are homeless in Texas, according the National Coalition for the Homeless, which says more than 2.4 million Americans are homeless.

Some of those numbers could be affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The median income in the city where Jones lives is $37,837.

The Census Bureau says the median household is $48,200, so Jones would have to earn about $70,000 to afford a new place.

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