How to keep a garden without using chemicals

The Walla Walla Environmental Group is helping homeowners with their gardening chores and cleaning up after their garden, thanks to a $3.5 million grant from the federal government.

The grant, awarded in November, supports Walla Walls Environmental Community Services, which provides low-cost housing for people with disabilities.

It will help homeowners buy a home in the area, provide utilities, and start the process of installing solar panels and other energy-saving equipment.

Walla Walls is also funding community outreach to residents in the community who need the help.

The Wallabies are also in the process starting a small farmers market, which will provide free groceries, local produce, and even a beer and cider.

The community-driven project was inspired by the Walla wallas recent drought and the city’s response.

The Walla walls community is hoping to use the funds to install solar panels, which they hope will help them to save money on their heating, cooling, and lighting costs.

Walla Wallas president and CEO Michael Naidoo said he hopes the solar project will help residents save money.

“The solar panels will allow us to have cheaper energy costs for heating, heat, and cooling,” Naidoosaid.

“We can do this through a combination of the solar panels themselves, and the community outreach.”

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