How to Make a Bike Wall for a $300 Wall Mounted Bike Wall

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a big fan of bikes.

I also enjoy riding my bike, and I love wall mounting.

In addition to being awesome for the bike, this project would also add a nice finishing touch to my bedroom.

I’m an art aficionado, and this would be a fun project to add to my garage, or maybe even on the walls in my apartment. 

While I could just mount the wall from the bike’s handlebars, it would take a little more work to get everything just right, but this DIY project is pretty easy.

Here’s how: Start by buying some foam tubing and a couple of big drill bits. 

Cut the tubing to the exact length you want the wall to be, then measure it and cut it to the desired width.

Measure the width and cut to the same length as the tubing.

Then take the two pieces and lay them side by side on the wall.

Now take your drill bit and start drilling holes into the foam tubing. 

The hole size will depend on how much foam you’re going to use, but I went for about 1/2″ deep. 

Start laying the foam on the hole, making sure it is at least 1/8″ deep, and then start laying the tubing on top of it. 

Lay the tubing and the foam over the holes and then place the tubing over the foam and tape it down. 

Now you have a nice bike wall! 

Here are a couple more DIY bike wall mount projects that are super easy to make and really fun to do. 

I have a lot of wall mounted bike racks that I like to ride around on.

I love to see how it looks when you have the bike rack mounted to a wall and you have it to your side.

I also like to make my bike racks so they can hang from the wall, but you could also use any other type of mounting for this project.

You could mount a wall mount bike rack to the wall in the garage, you could mount it to a carport, you can even mount it in your living room.

If you want to make a bike rack that can be hung up in your bedroom, then you can make this project as a DIY wall mount project as well.

If you’ve got any DIY wall mounted projects that you would like to share, then please hit me up on Instagram @schnozzles or on Twitter @szhirnich.

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