How to Make a ‘Block’ Wall Calendar for Home or Office

In addition to being a wall calendar for the home, the calendar also makes an awesome outdoor wall light.

It’s not a flashy piece of furniture but it’s really well-designed and can be used anywhere and everywhere, as long as you can find a wall to mount it to.

The calendar comes with two 24-hour-per-day lights that will be powered by your phone, tablet or laptop, and they will run off of a USB charging cord that can be attached to the wall mounted fans.

The wall mounted wall lights will provide up to two hours of illumination per night.

They’ll also work as an outdoor wall lights for your home or office.

This calendar is a great way to start incorporating the power of home automation in your home.

You can buy the calendar for $199.99 at or from Home Depot.

You can also find other smart wall clocks that include wall mounted lights, wall paneling and more.

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