How to make a wall with your own wood

A wooden wall can be a good way to add a touch of rustic beauty to your home.

But a few steps can make your project look even better.


Add a wooden floor joist If you have a wooden door or door frame, you can use it to support the flooring.

Alternatively, you could simply glue down a sheet of the same material and use it as the floor joists.

This creates a solid, sturdy structure.

You can also use a drywall joist as a flooring joist.


Build a wooden ceiling Add a layer of the floor in a way that maximises the light flow around your home and your garden.

This will help to retain moisture, preventing dry rot and mould growth.


Add an old window A window with a wooden sill can be made from a piece of old wood or a single piece of fabric.

You might be tempted to build a wooden skylight but that can be difficult to maintain and a bit messy.

A sheet of old cloth or polyester material would work.


Add more wood This can be an option if you’re keen on adding a touch more character to your living space.

Add wooden planks, old tacks, or even a sheet or two of plywood to the back wall of your house to add more character.


Add natural light You can add natural light to the wall by painting, gluing, or framing it with natural light-emitting diodes.

This helps to give the light a natural, more organic feel.


Add wood stain or varnish to your wall A varnishing solution that contains wood dye can be applied to your walls, flooring, or ceilings to make it more attractive.

Alternatively you can paint a colour to create a natural finish.


Create a wall shelf You can paint an old shelf or table surface with a wood stain to create an attractive and rustic look.


Add colour to your floor planks or planks of the wall or wall frame You can create a smooth finish to your existing planks by applying natural or coloured paint.


Add decorative wood paneling to your wooden floor plan A decorative wood or board paneling will add a little bit of rusticity to your house.

It will help make your home feel more alive and modern, which will also make your furniture more appealing.


Add antique, decorative wood decoration to your wood flooring Adding antique or decorative wood can add a fun twist to your kitchen, dining room, living room or kitchen table.


Add rustic light source This can make the room look even more rustic and rustical.

You could use a lamp that has a natural colour that reflects the sun, or a window to add some natural light.


Add traditional wood trimming If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could even add a decorative wood trim to your floors.

This adds a little rustic charm to your property.


Add light source to your dining table Add a natural or painted light source such as a candle or a tassel to the dining table.


Add old light source, rustic woodwork You could also add old woodwork or rustic wooden furniture to your main living room.

This could add a rustic character to the room.


Add vintage style furniture If you like to make your living room more authentic, you might add vintage style decor to your rooms.

You’d also add some rustic colour and style to your furniture.


Add stained wood wall or furniture to an existing wood wall If you’ve got an existing wall or floor plan, add a stained wood panel to it.

This would add a bit of character to any wall or surface in your home or garden.


Add handcrafted wood wall wall or door panel to your door wall or side wall You can then add handcrafted wall or doorway panels to your doors or side walls.


Add custom wood wall panels to a home You could make your own wall panels by cutting out custom pieces of wood or using a cutting machine.

These will add some character to a piece.


Add fireplace tile to a wooden wall You could decorate a wooden fireplace tile with handcrafted designs, like a fireplace, fireplace grate, or wooden floor.


Add window, door, or wall tile to your window or door you can add decorative window or window and door tiles to your own house.


Add classic stone wall panels, awnings or door panels to an old wall or other piece of wood You can decorate this classic piece of furniture by adding a custom piece of stone to your old wall.


Add your own antique or antique-style furniture You can give your own furniture a retro look with a variety of antique and vintage designs.


Add to wall or ceiling shelves A shelf or wall shelf can be used to add texture to

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