How to make the best mixtape from your friends

In a world of endless streaming options, there’s a place for the one thing that can bring your playlist to a halt: the one song that can take your entire night to a screeching halt.

The songs that have the most people clapping.

In other words, the best way to get everyone dancing.

We’ve assembled a list of the 10 best songs from the year, ranking them by their popularity, genre and overall impact on 2016.

The best songs of the yearSo far, the list includes:The songs that are most popular (based on total views):The songs with the most listens (based off the number of people who watched a video or watched a song):The best-selling songs of 2016The 10 best-sellers of 2016Here are the 10 songs that people were most excited about, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The chart will be updated as new data becomes available.1.

The Beatles: “A Day in the Life” (1964)The Beatles’ “A day in the life” is the album that started it all.

Its catchy, its catchy, and its a great song to kick off a party.

The song is one of the most-played songs on Spotify, and it is easily the most downloaded song on Spotify.

The album has sold more than 8.5 million copies and has been in the top five for more than six months.2.

Bruno Mars: “The Day the World Went Away” (2016)Bruno Mars and his brother Kanye West are both superstars with massive followings on social media and in the media.

Both artists have built huge followings from their social media presence.

The “The” in “The World Went Crazy” is a reference to the famous night when the world went crazy over the announcement that the world would be ending.

Kanye West has also created a whole Tumblr dedicated to this song, which you can find here.3.

Beyoncé: “Formation” (2014)Beyoncé’s “Formition” is an anthem of peace, love, and acceptance.

It’s the most popular single on Spotify and the most widely shared song on YouTube.

The singer has been working on a new single for a long time, and now we finally get to hear it.4.

Kendrick Lamar: “DNA” (2017)Kendrick Lamar is a Grammy-winning artist and the first rapper to reach #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

His “DNA,” the album of songs that were inspired by his father’s passing, is one the most beloved songs of all time and a great way to celebrate that special moment in your life.5.

Katy Perry: “Champion” (2007)”Champion,” Katy Perry’s song about her mother, is the only song on the Billboard Hot 100 that has been certified platinum.

This single is a celebration of love and unity, and Katy Perry is clearly the embodiment of that.

Katy’s lyrics are often simple, yet her performance is breathtaking.

It has been described as “the most powerful, beautiful and emotionally powerful song ever.”6.

Beyonce: “I Will” (2015)”I Will,” Beyonce’s song from her forthcoming album Lemonade, is a beautiful anthem that captures her life as an activist.

The video for the song, created by the artist’s husband, also makes it clear that the song is about overcoming obstacles.

The Beyonce that is on the album is also the Beyonce of the video.7.

Lil Wayne: “Dot Dot Dot” (2008)Lil Wayne is an artist and rapper whose career has been fueled by a unique combination of talent and heartbreak.

His music and life have been impacted by multiple incidents of domestic violence.

His life has been a tragic and challenging one.

His mother died in 2007.

Lil is now a Grammy Award-winning musician.8.

Adele: “Hello” (2010)”Hello” is one to remember.

Adelle’s song is the perfect reminder of the incredible power of music and the power of love.9.

The Killers: “Can’t Feel My Face” (1999)”Can’t feel my face” is Adele’s signature hit and one of her biggest hits.

The hit song has been covered by everyone from Prince to Beyoncé to Justin Timberlake.10.

Justin Bieber: “Sorry” (2013)Justin Bieber is a pop star and has spent years building his own fan base on YouTube and Instagram.

The most famous pop singer of all-time, Bieber has been making headlines for years, but his songs have been making fans happy for years now.

He is now one of YouTube’s most-liked artists.

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