NFL bets on ‘Brick Wall’

The NFL is betting on a wall of brick and mortar.

The New York Jets announced a new franchise-record bet on “Brickwall” — the theme song from “Bully” — on Thursday.

The bet was the first time a professional sports team has bet on the track, which is a popular track on the American music genre of rock and roll.

The Jets also confirmed the bet is the first-ever NFL bet on a “Bricks Wall” song.

The NFL bet will be worth $1 million.

The team also announced a first-of-its-kind promotion that allows fans to bet on music via social media.

The promotion, called “The Jets Bet,” lets fans “bets” on their favorite music tracks on Twitter and Instagram, then retweet the track and get their money back.

It’s part of a broader trend of betting on music.

According to a recent ESPN report, NFL teams are betting on an estimated $1 billion worth of music tracks this year alone.

The game of football has been dominated by pop music, with pop stars Drake, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé dominating the charts.

The popular singer Lady Gaga is credited with creating a genre of music that became popular among fans during the 2016 election, and her album “Bad Romance” sold more than 200 million copies in its first week of release.

“Billionaires are buying football tickets to a rock concert,” tweeted “Benny,” a Twitter user who goes by the handle Benny_Fucking.

“We are all in on this.”

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