When Green Walls Are Just the Future of Art in an Age of Global Climate Change

Posted July 15, 2019 07:06:10Green walls are just the future of art in an age of global climate change, says British architect and artist Morris Wallen.“We’ve always been a world of green, but I think we’ve just moved onto the greenest world on earth.There’s a lot of green stuff now,” he told The Independent.In a […]

The ‘bitter’ rain that washed down on Wigan’s roof makes for a good night’s sleep

Wigan Athletic’s players woke up in a bit of a fog after the first of their six-day training camp, with their training ground a “very foggy” place after the torrential rain.The Wigan players woke to “very heavy fog” on their first morning back from the camp, and they were “quite a bit tired” at the […]

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