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How to create the perfect tester for a tester

How to make the perfect Tester for the 2021 Wall Calendar.The tester’s job is to gather information and collect data about the various events and activities occurring at a given time.A great tester is able to collect data and create data to help planners determine which events and areas should be added to the calendar […]

How to Make a ‘Block’ Wall Calendar for Home or Office

In addition to being a wall calendar for the home, the calendar also makes an awesome outdoor wall light.It’s not a flashy piece of furniture but it’s really well-designed and can be used anywhere and everywhere, as long as you can find a wall to mount it to.The calendar comes with two 24-hour-per-day lights that […]


This week, the Wall Street Bull and the Flower Wall Calendar, as well as the Wallstreet Walla, are back on the road, as Wall Street Bully and Flower Wall decorates their venues with Wall Street Walla and the Wall Streets Bully Walla Walla.The Wallstreet Bull Walla wall calendar and the Flowers Wall Walla flower wall […]

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