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Wall Coverings Could Help Protect Against Geo-Fence Threat

Walls can be used to protect homes from an intruder, and some states have begun installing them in residential neighborhoods.But the state of Michigan recently announced it was banning the use of wall coverups in residential areas.“The state is prohibiting the use or sale of decorative wall covers that can conceal or obscure the location […]

Architectural rendering of a new outdoor kitchen wall paint

An architectural rendering of an outdoor kitchen-type wall paint concept for homes in the U.S. has received preliminary approval.The design is designed to be applied to existing kitchen-like walls and is envisioned as a wall-to-wall surface.The architect says it would provide a sustainable alternative to conventional paint that may be less durable, less efficient, and […]

When will I be able to use geometric wall paintings?

The first geometric walls are on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. A second generation of them are also being installed.These are called the Wall of Geometric Walls.“I think there’s a lot of enthusiasm around the idea that there are some really great geometrical walls that people are willing to invest in,” said […]

W.Va. home decor stores have fallen short of sales targets as sales plunge as prices soar

Metal wall decor is a popular trend that has been gaining popularity among the homeowners and professionals who decorate homes in the U.S. Metal wall decorations are usually built of plywood, wood or even plaster and have become an affordable way to create decorative walls for people and families in many areas of the country.Some […]

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