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The new decor for the SCONces theater is the biggest on Broadway!

A new show in Manhattan’s Broadway Theatre has been unveiled that takes the magic of theater to new heights with a dramatic new show inspired by the legendary theater on the Wall.In the new production, a woman named Candice Wallen Snl, who once played a pivotal role in the creation of The New York Theatre […]

Artist creates stenciled wall posters of Australian War Memorial in response to Australia’s war memorial

A stenciling artist from Canberra has created wall posters in response.The artworks were created in response for the Australian War Graves Commission’s wall painting stencings.The commission was formed in 2015 after more than 150 Australian war dead were listed as having been buried at the memorial.“The commission is now considering whether to make a further […]

When Green Walls Are Just the Future of Art in an Age of Global Climate Change

Posted July 15, 2019 07:06:10Green walls are just the future of art in an age of global climate change, says British architect and artist Morris Wallen.“We’ve always been a world of green, but I think we’ve just moved onto the greenest world on earth.There’s a lot of green stuff now,” he told The Independent.In a […]

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