The Gold Wall Wall, Part II: Decorative Wall Decoration

Gold Wall Decorators in Canada have been busy this past year.

The Wall Deco Project has been making gold wall decorations since 2012.

The project is the latest project of the gold wall decorator community, which has grown from three to more than 600 members since 2012, with many of them new to the field. 

Gold Wall Decorative Project This is a free online class.

The class is open to anyone 18 years and older and will begin on September 16, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.


Participants are required to pay for the class and have their photos taken.

For more information about the Gold Wall Project, please visit their website at: The program will consist of three classes: A) Gold Wall Design Workshop: A hands-on workshop designed to provide students with the basic skills needed to create a gold wall.

B) Gold wall Decorating Tutorial: A tutorial designed to help students design a gold wallpaper, add details and embellishments, and create a custom design.

C) Goldwall Decorator Workshop: This is the class that will include instruction and materials.

The workshop will focus on a specific aspect of the art of gold wall decoration, from choosing materials to designing a custom gold wall and other aspects. 

The class is $50 for a group of five students and $25 for a single student. 

For more information on the Gold WALL Decor Project, visit

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