The wall huggers of Wallabies: the first wave of the next wave

On Saturday night, the first of three World Rugby World Cup games was played in the Brisbane CBD.

In a stadium filled with thousands of fans, the Wallabies looked like they were headed towards the World Cup finals for the first time in six years.

But with a few hours to go, they were down to 10 men, and their performance on Saturday night had been a huge disappointment.

Wallabies fans in the ground had come out in force, the players were in a good mood, and even a few of the Wallaby supporters were on the way to their seats, ready to take the field to cheer on the team in front of their new fans.

The atmosphere was high, with the team playing in front, the supporters singing along and celebrating, and the home crowd in the stands were ready to go home.

But the Wallahs’ performance on Friday night was not nearly as strong as expected, and while there was a small crowd on the field, there were plenty of fans who wanted nothing to do with the Walla-Walla team.

A lot of Wallaby fans are used to seeing the Wallabys’ form crumble, so they were quite pleased with the performance on that night, but it was not enough to make a difference.

The Wallabies will be hoping to have their form back in the shape they showed in Brisbane on Saturday, and they will look to continue their recent form in the remaining games of the tournament. 

The Wallabies, like all rugby nations, have the right to celebrate their World Cup win in front the home fans in their own stadiums.

But if they can’t go through to the final, or if they are forced to play their next game at home, they have a right to be disappointed.

As a Wallaby, the team has the right not to be angry at the Wallah-Hogs performance on Sunday.

The fact that Wallabies have the option of going to the World Cups finals with a 10 man squad is a positive.

However, if Wallabies players can’t get through to that finals, or get through on a good night, they are not going to be able to make the World Rugby Cup finals.

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