The world’s most expensive wall mount is a £1m bike light

The world is set to go full speed ahead with the world’s first “bicycle light” to go up for sale.

The first, an electric bike light, is set for auction next month, with a potential asking price of £1.6m.

The light is made by the company called Coglar, which has already developed bike lights that can be mounted to existing bike racks, or to new bike frames.

The new bike light has an output of 50 watts, enough to light up a bike for around 10 minutes.

Cogarla said the battery pack was capable of producing up to 600 watts, which it hopes to expand with future models.

While the light itself is not an actual bike, it’s a similar design, and could potentially be a good alternative to the existing bike lights in the UK.

The company said the light is capable of generating energy from the sun or a bicycle’s wheels.

Coglar’s latest bike light will cost around £400, but the UK is currently looking to raise the price of the light.

The UK government has said it wants to introduce a carbon tax of at least £30 per tonne, or $55 per ton.

A number of other companies have launched their own bicycle lights, including electric bike lights from Dutch company Nesta and bike lights based in Belgium and the US.

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