Toronto’s most popular wall decor stickers

A collection of wall decor stencils by the makers of The Wall are selling out, but the designs remain on display at the newly revamped Brick Wall.

The colourful stencil series, which is available in different styles, is part of a series by the Canadian artists that will be available on Jan. 29, 2018.

They are designed to show off the beauty of the Toronto skyline, and are available for $30 each.

“I love that they are not just decorative but beautiful,” said owner, Stephanie Benschneider, who has been decorating the walls for six years.

“They have a great, organic feel, and I like that they reflect Toronto in a modern way.”

The wall decor series was created by Toronto-based artist David Poulin, who is also a decorator and the founder of Toronto-inspired decor company Poulins and Co. He also creates wall murals, and created a collection of custom wall art in 2012 for the Toronto Art Gallery.

“It’s so much more than just a decoration, and it’s really about the community,” Pouin said.

“The walls are so personal to me and they’re the canvas for the way I create my work.”

Bricks can be found all over the city, but Pouins is known for his eclectic and unique designs.

They range from a mural painted on a wall in St. George’s Park to a custom wall hanging in a downtown building.

“The idea is to make a mural that captures your personality and gives it a sense of depth and identity,” he said.

Pouins also creates a range of custom stencil art, which can be used in any room of a home.

“My goal is to create something that’s going to feel timeless and will last a lifetime,” he added.

The wall decoration series has been available online since August 2016.

Pew Research, which tracks trends, found that people are spending more money on wall decor, which includes wall art and wall paper, than ever before.

Proulin said his goal is for the wall decor art to last for at least 50 years.

A year ago, he was inspired to create the series after seeing a mural in Stoney Creek Park on the waterfront in Toronto.

He said the mural was a work of art, and the people who painted it were really great.

“For me it was very personal and very emotional.

I love that I’m still living it,” he told The Globe and Mail.

He says it took him two years to create his first series of wall art.

“A lot of the time I’ll just go online and buy the pieces and do something and I’ll paint it and it’ll be done,” he explained.

“But I did a few months ago, I just did a small mural and I had a great response, and then a few weeks later I decided to go and start another one.”

He has more wall muras coming soon, and he’s hoping to have at least four more wall wall paintings in the works.

“If you are a painter, you’re a painter and I hope I can continue that tradition,” he joked.

“And if you are an artist, you are probably already doing that because you are already doing your own wall paintings.”

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