Tribute to the wall art in the bedroom of Wallen in the Westport, CT neighborhood

Tribute wall art by Wallen (1893-1978) was installed on the wall of his bedroom in Westport in 1974.

It’s one of the oldest wall art pieces in Connecticut.

Wallen’s wall was designed in the early 1900s by Robert Ladd, who was a member of the West Point Historical Society.

Wallenberg, a member the American Institute of Architects, designed the artwork in 1977.

It was painted over and then repaired.

“I think it’s pretty interesting, and the way that people have interpreted it, it’s just a beautiful piece of art,” Wallen said.

He added that it is a tribute to the community, not just to himself, which is why it has been there for so long.

“We’re just lucky enough to have this little piece of the history of Westport.

There are so many other pieces that we can take pride in.”

The Wallenberg art was removed after it was discovered that Wallen had not been married for 40 years.

He was widowed in 1970 and divorced in 1981.

The original Wallenberg artwork was removed by the city in 2008, but the Wallenberg house was eventually restored in 2017.

This is the original artwork from Wallen & Co. that was installed in his bedroom.

Wallenberg lived in Westpoint, Connecticut from 1892 to 1978.

More Wallenberg wall art from the Wallen family:Wallenberg, Robert Lads and Robert Liddell were members of the American Architect Society.

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