Wall paint to hit $1,500 a square foot

The $1.9 million shower wall paint that’s going to be installed next month at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is being touted as the first of its kind in the nation, but there’s still no way to know if it’ll actually save students’ time or money. 

The project will be a collaboration between the UW-Madison Art Institute and the city of Madison, with a total of $1 million going toward installing the shower wall painting. 

While the paint won’t be used for any of the UW students that will use it, it’ll be put up as part of a series of public art projects around the city.

“It’s going down to the city, so they can see how the paint is being installed,” said UW-Milwaukee professor, Sarah G. Nussbaum, who is part of the project team.

“It’s really important that the paint can be seen by the students.”

The project is scheduled to be completed in March.

“We really have the desire to make the project a success,” said city manager John Lipschultz.

“We are excited to partner with the art department and see the project as an opportunity to connect people from different communities and build bridges.”

According to the university, the wall paint will be installed along the Wailing Wall, which sits in the middle of the Washingtons building, and will be visible from the street.

The mural will also be used in the UW campus recreation center, which was built for students.

The wall paint is designed to resemble a watermelon, according to UW-Wisconsin.

“The Wailing wall is a symbol of peace, and this mural provides students with an opportunity for a way to engage in an art project together,” the university said in a statement.

“In the process of building the mural, we are hoping to create a positive environment for all.”

While the mural is being built, the university has set aside $1m to pay for the project itself.

“This is a significant investment in art for a public university and we appreciate the support of the city and its partners,” UW-Wisc chancellor Kent Austin said in the statement.

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