Wall Street Movie Review: ‘The Hangover Part II’ from ‘The Big Short’

The movie of the week: “The Hangout” is the movie that the Wall Street world was waiting for.

That’s right: the first installment of a new trilogy of “The Big” series starring Ryan Gosling, Amy Schumer, and Jonah Hill.

But in a way, it’s not that.

The first film, “The Wall,” made by writer-director David O. Russell, had the perfect formula: a gang of Wall Street criminals is trying to blow up the world, and everyone else is doing their best to stop them.

But when they all realize they have a shared goal, the plot is ruined by the arrival of a man who wants to make a difference.

The second installment, “Wall Street,” is more of the same.

Russell’s latest attempt to remake the Wall, in a style that he’s used in the past, is a bit of a hybrid.

There are many more guns, drugs, and other misadventures, but the plot isn’t as convoluted as in the first movie.

It’s just about the same characters, which makes it an easy watch.

(The biggest change, though, is the new trailer for “The Haters Club,” the first of the three films.)

The best part: the whole thing is worth seeing.

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