What’s the future of the wall decor?

Wall decor, the decorative art that appears on walls, is becoming increasingly popular.

And there are some serious implications for the landscape and the design of cities.

The Wall Street Journal recently explored the growing trend of wall decor.

We’ve already seen Wall Street adopt the use of wall stickers and wall art for its buildings and public spaces.

But the trend of Wall Street wall decor is growing and we’ll be seeing a wider range of Wall street wall art styles and styles of decor that people have used for generations to come.

Wall decor has become so ubiquitous, it’s become almost invisible to the average person.

But when it comes to the city, the Wall Street Wall Street Art Association (WSA) is trying to change that.

Wall decor can be used as an artistic form to capture the essence of the city and give a sense of the community it inhabits.

It can be a decorative piece to help convey the mood of a space or as an accent to add an air of a specific area.

In the past, we’ve seen Wall street artists and designers incorporate a large range of different types of wall art in their murals.

It’s also becoming increasingly common to see artists create a series of large, intricate, wall art installations.

These large-scale wall art projects are typically created for public events or public art installations such as festivals, concerts and art exhibitions.

In fact, it was the first time that a Wall Street artist had ever used a mural in a citywide installation.

According to WSA, wall decor could be a powerful tool to create a sense for a place and its people.

The Wall Street WSA is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to creating, promoting and promoting the art and design of Wall St. to a wider audience.

This infographic by The Wall St Journal is part of their series “How to Create a Wall” that explores the art of creating Wall Street murals for a city.

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