When Green Walls Are Just the Future of Art in an Age of Global Climate Change

Posted July 15, 2019 07:06:10Green walls are just the future of art in an age of global climate change, says British architect and artist Morris Wallen.

“We’ve always been a world of green, but I think we’ve just moved onto the greenest world on earth.

There’s a lot of green stuff now,” he told The Independent.

In a statement, Wallen said: “I’m really excited about this opportunity to be part of something so radical as a green wall.”

The British-born architect, who has been working with green building materials and other eco-friendly technologies since the early 1980s, says he believes the trend towards the creation of environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings is unstoppable.

“I think this trend is unstoppable,” he said.

“When I say this, I’m not just talking about buildings but the way that the world is going, that we’re going through a period of crisis and it is a time of environmental crisis.”

So I think this is really a turning point in our history.

“People need to start thinking more about what they’re doing.

We’ve had the global warming crisis for a very long time, and I think that’s a really exciting time.”

While there are currently more than 1.3 billion people on the planet, the number of people living in areas that are deemed to be at risk of becoming uninhabitable has been rising.

“The problem is that the planet is getting warmer and the warming is bringing with it increasing amounts of water, which is a lot harder to deal with,” Wallen told The Irish Times.

“It’s a little bit like if you’re going to have a nuclear power plant, you’ve got to go all the way and get rid of all the water that’s in the reactor.”

Now we’re talking about the oceans, we’re dealing with climate change.

“And we’re seeing the world getting warmer.

So you need to think about this as a global issue.”

You have to be thinking about the environment as a whole and how do we adapt to it?

“It will be interesting to see what happens to the buildings.”

Wallen is one of the world’s most well-known and respected architects, having designed iconic buildings in New York, London, Tokyo and other international locations.

He also designed the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Lincoln Memorial.

Wallen also designed several of the London Olympic venues, including the Olympic Park and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

He recently received the Design Award for Excellence at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for his work on the London 2012 Olympic venues.

Walleren is also known for his artwork.

In 2007, he was honoured by the Royal Academy of Arts for his contribution to architecture and urban design.

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