Which flowers should be covered by police?

On March 13, 2016, a man named James Cavanaugh, 37, was shot dead by officers in Washington, D.C. Cavanaugh was carrying a rifle and a handgun and had an assault rifle on his person, according to a press release from the Washington Metropolitan Police Department.

The officer who shot him was identified as Anthony Gagliano, who is a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The press release noted that the shooting was being investigated as a homicide.

“The District of Columbia Police Department takes all allegations of excessive force seriously,” the statement read.

“We have launched an independent review of the incident.

Any further information regarding the circumstances surrounding this incident should be shared with our Law Enforcement Division.”

According to the press release, Gagloi’s partner, identified as Sgt. Anthony “Skip” Toth, was on duty and had been called to the scene by an “emergency call.”

Toth arrived and found Cavanaugh in a “somewhat disoriented” state and was attempting to revive him.

According to Gagliiano’s wife, the officer was not in compliance with protocol and failed to provide medical assistance to Cavanaugh.

At this point, Toth said he was going to shoot the suspect.

“He was in complete shock, very confused, and he said, ‘I can’t tell you how much I’m sorry I didn’t do what I should have,'” Toth told The American Post in an interview.

“But he was in a state of total disbelief and was in shock as well.”

Tilt said he thought Cavanaugh had a knife, but that he could not tell what type.

Cattle grazed his body as he lay motionless, Tath said.

He said the officer had told him to go back to the front desk and that he was a “thief” and that “it was his fault” for trying to revive the suspect, who he said was already dead.

“It was like he was trying to get us to give him CPR,” Toth added.

The Washington Metropolitan police union said that the incident was “not justified.”

“As the family of a fallen officer, we understand and understand that the actions of the officers involved were not appropriate,” the union said in a statement.

“That said, the union is working with the D.U.P. [District of Columbia Public Integrity Unit] to determine if any of the facts that were reported are accurate and, if so, how to correct them.”

The union added that the union would be calling for an independent investigation into the shooting.

The incident was captured on surveillance video that showed Toth shooting the suspect and Toth then taking cover behind his squad car as a gun battle broke out with officers.

In the video, officers can be heard telling Cavanaugh to drop the gun as Toth continued to fire.

At one point, an officer can be seen pointing a rifle at Toth as he continues firing.

According a press statement from the police union, a medical examiner determined Cavanaugh died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The statement added that it would be inappropriate for the union to comment on an ongoing investigation.

“However, the Washington Metro Police Department will cooperate with any appropriate investigation, and we are confident that any and all facts that are relevant to the officer’s death will be fully investigated and brought to the attention of the district attorney’s office for review,” the Washington union said.

In a statement, Washington Metropolitan Mayor Muriel Bowser said, “The officer’s actions and actions that followed were in clear violation of protocol and our officers are working to ensure these are not repeated.”

Bowser added that she is “deeply saddened” by the shooting and that she will “work with our law enforcement officers to provide them with the resources and support they need to support the healing process.”

The Washington Post has reached out to Toth for comment.

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