Wood Walls: A Wood Art Story of American Culture

The story of how the United States first erected a massive wooden wall to keep out the invading Mongols in the early 1900s has been told before and is a staple of many films, books and TV shows.

But, while there are many stories of the wall, none have yet explored the life and impact of a single wooden structure.

In this fascinating new book, the authors trace the history of the Wood Wall Art movement from the late 1890s through the late 1970s, examining the enduring impact of this work.

The book covers the period from the creation of the first wooden wall in 1892 to the end of the Great Wall in 1996, and it reveals how the idea of a wooden wall was embraced by the public and eventually embraced by its creators.

Through interviews with hundreds of people, including artists, writers, historians and students, the book reveals how this art form changed the world.

Its impact on society was profound and enduring, and its continued existence has been an enduring tribute to our American roots and values.

Wood Walls is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers.

For more information, visit the New Scientist website.

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